Clean your garden with the most beautiful garden cleaning equipment

March 13, 2018 Garden No Comments

With the barbecue season on us (we hope!), It’s time to get your open space with a little clearing of the garden.

Clean up all the debris before doing anything else. An overgrown garden looks tired and cluttered, and it’s hard to keep it clean. Using scissors or pruning shears, loosening loose or dead branches and cutting off the plants or trees that are attacked. Then, sweep or sweep away all dead leaves, twigs and common debris from your lawn, terrace or terrace.

Work from scratch by applying special and natural patio cleaners (if you have pets) or a dilute solution of bleach or liquid detergent on your premises, terrace or deck. Rub dirt and foam with a stiff bristle brush or pressure washer and visit .

Wipe furniture with a dry cloth to remove spider webs and dirt. Then use a damp cloth (or scrubber on a more stubborn scar) and a versatile cleaning solution to clean all surfaces thoroughly. Finish with a piece of oil on the wooden furniture to protect it.

Clean old pots and planters, and throw old ground and dead plants to produce new food. Fill a large bucket with a mixture of water and bleach (nine parts water, one part bleach) and soak your pot for 10-15 minutes to kill any bacteria. Rinse and clean the remaining dirt. Due to porous terracotta pots, be sure to soak them for 10 minutes with clean water to remove all bleach marks.

Lift your barbecue by removing the grill and scrubbing it with a scrubber and a dishwashing liquid or special cleaning solution. Whenever you use your grill, warm it first, then wipe it by rubbing it with half an onion, cut face down. Combination of heat and onion relax and remove all cooked dirt, while adding a delicate scent and you can read on .

Finally, do not forget the mat to prevent dirt entering your home.

The right garden cleaning tool will help you get through all this work easily. From smart tools to simple cleaning products, these are the heroes that need to be cleared from the garden.
1 Mower

Make an effort to prune the plants and hedges. HSA 25 Cordless scissors for shrubs and spices, £ 109, Stihl

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2 Outside brush

Versatile designs are ideal for sweeping debris on decks and terraces. Harris Victory brooms, € 12.04, Amazon
3 Porch cleaner

Airkan your terrace or terrace with this effective solution. Magic Patio Cleaner, £ 10 for 2.5 liters, Brintons at B & Q
4 Pressure washer

This powerful cleanser comes with an indispensable patio kit. PowerWash Full Pressure Washer 2,500W, 229,99 €, Vax
5 Washing of furniture

Rise wood or plastic with a natural solution that is easily reconstituted. The White Lady all in the garden is a beautiful garden furniture cleaner, £ 15 for 1ltr, White Roller
6 Wood oil

Refresh your wood garden furniture and protect it from its elements. Ronseal teak oil, £ 13.62 for 1ltr, B & T.
7 Cleaning solution

Dilute with water to disinfect potted plants. Any bleaching will do the trick, but this is a cheap purchase. Genuine bleached thick, 60p to 750ml, Morrisons

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