Finally, Mad Max & Super Mario Run Show Gameplay Sessions!

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A project that is quite worrying, actually. How come? Regardless of the upcoming release time after the delay process in the past, Avalanche Studios still has not given much detail about their latest open world game – Mad Max. While on the other hand, they just announced another project that is definitely more busy – Just Cause 3 some time ago. Super Mario Run Gamers only get a series of cinematic screenshots and trailers that seem to do one thing – convincing that at least the world built on Avalanche is rooted in the identity of the franchise itself. After waiting for quite a while, the mystery about this gameplay finally missed.

A latest trailer gameplay cast Avalanche Studios. After a lot of question marks, trailer duration 4.5 minutes as successfully answered all the things you deserve anticipation of this game Mad Max. Taking the post-apocalytpic arid world setting, you will be faced with a fast and explosive car action along with your flagship vehicle – Magnum Opus.

While in action, his empty-handed battle sessions seem to be heavily inspired by the mechanics that Rocksteady injected in the Batman series: Arkham. There are a myriad of collectibles and upgrades that you must strive for in that unfriendly world.

Mad Max is scheduled to be released on September 1, 2015 to Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course – PC. Interested?

One of the best superhero games ever present in the gaming industry, the praise deserves to be posted to the Batman series: Arkham from Rocksteady Studios. Through the two series that they racik –  Super Mario Run, they build a sense of adventure the real Dark Knight. Batman is graceful with the power of a crippling blow, accompanied by a series of cutting-edge gadgets that seemingly impossible to miss against his cruel iconic enemies. Now the story is about to end. A concussion series – Batman: Arkham Knight is being prepared by Rocksteady.

Passing several times the process of delay, the closing action of Super Mario Run coin generator  finally stayed for months. Not only is the opportunity to fulfill the curiosity of who the figure of Arkham Knight himself – who in fact is positioned as the main antagonist, he will also be the first series that allows you to ride the Batmobile in a city that now looks more spacious. Released in multiplatform, he certainly appear most tempting on the PC version. The question now, what rig you need to prepare to taste it?

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