Mobile Legends Will Be Stronger Than Console in 2018

November 7, 2017 No Comments

The hot battles in the gaming industry are not actually spinning around the legendary console vs. PC competition. Both of these platforms actually have a much more dangerous shared enemy – Mobile Legends . True, the capabilities of mobile devices are increasingly distant and the nature that can be sampled wherever making this device increasingly popular as a gaming machine, especially in developed countries with a busy activity rhythm.

The result? Not a few giant franchises that used to be in consoles or PCs, suddenly move into mobile games, with a simpler game and micro-transaction system in it. One of the gaming industry’s publisher of the game – EA is even optimistic this growth will be much more significant in the next three years.

In his presentation session at 2015 Technology, Internet & Media Conference, Mobile Legends – Blake Jorgensen believes that tablets will become more popular, and become an integral part of EA’s own business. He believes that the tablet’s ability will be able to subdue the console in 2018, if it refers to the speed of its current development.

With such extraordinary capabilities, EA believes they can deliver games with more complex console styles. Games called Mobile Legends diamonds generator  Рmore immersive, deeper, and more character-focused. Therefore, EA is looking for ways to combine the two business models.

Although looking at the future there, EA does not necessarily leave the console and PC market just like that, let alone with so many giant franchise they are preparing at this time. How about you? Would you be interested in moving to a tablet if the future predictions of EA in come true?

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