Monster Super League Review

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It seems that the game with the Turn-based RPG genre is still very popular lately on mobile devices. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the popularity of the genre, South Korean developers 04:33 Craetive Lab released the game “Monster Super League”, a game with a unique Turn-based RPG genre. Why do kotGa crew call unique? Check out KotGa crew reviews yuk!

For those of you who previously had played the game Summoners War may already be familiar in the genre of this game, and will surely immediately understand how to play. But in this game there are several different elements that make Monster Super League look unique and different. Before KotGa’s crew went deeper. Let’s see the trailer first on NBA Live Mobile.


Although it does not look too fantastic like Unreal Engine 4, you can see the graphics are pretty smooth on Super League Monster, impressed neat and not bad so it does not make eyes bored quickly to linger in this game. The combination of other detail colors is very interesting, animated when fighting looks cool style Turn-based RPG. Looks like this game is perfect for playing all ages you can download NBA Live Mobile hack here .

Super League Monster has features that are not too different than other Turn-based RPG games. Dianatarnya is Story mode is divided into three levels of difficulty that is Normal, Hard, and Extreme. Other features such as Dungeon, Tower of Chaos, and the exact PvP called Astromon League. Will you find in this game.

Well, as already kotGa crew mentioned above, Super League Monster has its own uniqueness that makes it different from Summoners War. The monster in this game is called Astromon. Astromon is divided into two, the usual Astromon and also Variant Astromon which has a special buff if made leader when fighting. Then what makes it different?

It does not have to be gacha to spend your money, you can also catch Astromon while fighting in Story mode. You need an Astrochips to capture a single Astromon that you can only carry with three runs every Story mode. Is it easy to catch the Astromon? Hard or not depends on the level of rarity of the Astromon.
Each Astromon can increase your rarity with the material you can find in Dungeon. In addition to increasing rarity, you can also evolve that will transform the Astromon into a stronger and cooler. To evolve, you must do the awakening first by sacrificing the same 3 types of Astromon.
Well Kotakers, for more details on the next page KotGa crew will tell more details about the mechanism of gameplay Monster Super League.

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